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  •  African Grey parrots: These are medium to large size parrots which require a large cage. As youngsters, they are often clumsy, so a starter cage for a Grey can be 24”L by 24”W by 28”H. They become bored very easily and will rip out their feathers if they’ve got nothing else to do.
  • Amazon Macaws: They are large, Colorful parrots, mostly found in the Amazon rain forest, Hence the name. They are noisy bird (When communicating, and identifying each other). They tend to live long (About 60 years)

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  • Scarlet Macaw Parrots:  These are gorgeous, flashy relatively smaller birds. These parrots require sufficient out of cage time, and lots of toys as this is an active birds which like to play and chew. They tend to chew onto their feathers when the become bored or not interacted with.
  • Umbrella Cockatoos They are pretty parrots with white Feathers and a white crest. Originally found in Indonesia, they live in small groups of about 2 to 10 individuals, mostly in the forest. As pets, they can get really affectionate, cuddly and clowny. Though they tend to scream a lot when old (Adult), they are still very lovable birds to have around.
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